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Adobe Dreamweaver 9.0

A complete HTML authoring tool with a WYSIWYG interface and code highlighting
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Macromedia Dreamweaver CS3 9.0 is a complete HTML authoring tool with a WYSIWYG interface and code highlighting features.
As of version CD3 9.0, Dreamweaver supports Ajax through its Spry engine.

Dreamweaver supports HTML, PHP, ASP, Java, Javascript, CSS, Coldfusion and other coding languages and technologies. Its highlighting feature makes it very easy to understand your code.

The program has full support for code libraries and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which makes it easier to create professional site layouts. You can create a site for each of your projects, and it even saves server information. Its FTP client and remote browser interface allow you to understand the full structure of your remote server, and it makes it a snap to create new directories and establish folder permissions.

Dreamweaver supports file locking for multi-programmer support, so that a whole team can work on the same project simultaneously without the risk of overwriting someone else's work.

It also has connectivity with other Adobe/ Macromedia products. It has a seamless integration with Macromedia Fireworks. You can easily modify and optimize images with a simple click of your mouse. In fact, you can even create an image in Fireworks or Photoshop, or a movie in Flash, export it directly to Dreamweaver as HTML and bounce back from Dreamweaver to correct or modify one or several image files.

With extended features such as an integrated spell checker, code cleanup, support for XHTML, extension manager, command list, intuitive toolbars and a tag inspector, and now with Spry, Dreamweaver CS3 9.0 is one of the best tools of its kind.

Carlos Bazan
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  • Seamless integration with other Macromedia products
  • Support for different coding languages
  • Ajax and Spry support


  • Collaboration still needs development
  • Dreamweaver libraries are not fully compatible with some SSI technologies
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